2021 Kesem Donor Impact report
Project Management, Copywriting, Design, and Production
copywriting sample from the report

Childhood is an important time. Parents know the courage it takes to guide their child through this formative moment in the human journey, and share in the simple hope that their child will feel supported, loved, happy, and unburdened in these cherished days. 

Unfortunately, over 5 million children are experiencing a painful interruption to their childhood. Cancer affects the whole family—extending parental worry and fear and introducing a host of potential obstacles that you would never wish on anyone, let alone a child. Anxiety, emotional isolation, loss of social interest, and feelings of hopelessness are all commonly experienced by children whose parent has been diagnosed with cancer, and they can last well into adulthood. No parent should have to choose between fighting for their life and fighting for their child’s joy, or their future. 

Kesem is the largest national organization dedicated to creating the space, community, and resources necessary for this unique, far-reaching, and vulnerable population of children affected by a parent’s cancer. Harnessing the power of our student leader model, and the generosity of our thousands of supporters, Kesem remains focused on scaling responsibly to serve more children, and change more lives, every year.
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